Tuesday, February 24, 2009


We recently completed a very cool shoot for Bloomberg Markets. They hired us to shoot a story about a driving experience put on by a company called World Class Driving. It's a very cool concept where exotic car buffs can pay to drive a handful of extremely fast and really expensive exotic cars at over 200 miles per hour on a rented airstrip for the day. There were a couple of Lamborginis, a Mercedes Mclaren, Koenigsegg, a Ferrari and a very cool little Alfa Romeo 8C with values ranging from a mere $200,000 to a daunting $1.5 million each.

It was actually very funny to see us racing down the runway in our rented minivan shooting the Koenigsegg.... the van straining to get to 100 mph and the Koenigsegg barely getting out of 2nd gear!

All in all a very cool day on the track and I'm looking forward to shooting again with WCD on a follow up shoot in April.

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