Thursday, March 3, 2011

Out with the old, In with the new!

Well as we progress so must the blog. So we are retiring this Blogspot Blogger Blog and moving to a shiny new WordPress Blog to go with our new website. We will keep this blog link live so you can look through the archives and see into our past.

For the new blog go to

New Website Launched!

In the words of the intro to the 6 million $ Man - "We can rebuild it, better... stronger.... faster! Duh nuh na nuh nah.... Duh nuh na nuh nah....."

After tons of work and editing, we finally have our new website online!
Check it out at

Friday, February 4, 2011

Little Debbie!

We just landed a job for Little Debbie Snacks with our friends over at Luckie. Very excited to be working with them again. Not just because they are great to work with but who doesn't love those Little Debbie Snacks? I used to live on them as a kid. My son who is 4 and usually can't be torn away from his playing to come see me work has been begging me all day to come on our shoot so he can eat the goodies! Will post the work as soon as it hits the streets.

Suffolk Construction

Pete was hired recently by BlueFish to shoot a series of shots for Suffolk. If you're not familiar with Suffolk, they are the ones who build many of today's giant skyscrapers in some of our largest cities. Shot last week in Miami, with 3 more shoots in Palm Beach, Boston and out in LA yet to come!