Sunday, June 28, 2009

New iPhone Photos Blog

I started a new personal project shooting photos with my iPhone and started a new blog to show some of the work.    It's a great creative outlet to be able to shoot whenever and whatever.    The quality is not great but it kinda reminds me of my days shooting with a Holga or the Diana camera.    Fun stuff.

 Check it out.

Going Retro...

So after 9 years of shooting digital I started getting an itch to do something different.     I remembered with fondness the days of shooting with my Fuji GX 680 and getting that large format feel and the latitude and richness of shooting neg film...   

I know... shooting film!   Madness right?    Well call me a glutton for punishment but its just something I had to do.    First of all,  good luck finding a lab that still processes c-41 in a dip & dunk machine.   My old lab in Miami that I hadn't visited since 2003 had just trashed 3 large Refrima film processing machines two days earlier.   Almost a million bucks to purchase originally were now worth nothing.   Seems we'll be sending our film to NY to process.

After exploring several options I decided to get my hands on an an old Graflex Super D 4x5 SLR camera.   This is a quick film test we did the day after receiving the camera.   Just a quick shot of my son Jordan playing in a puddle.    I love how the depth of field drops off so quickly,  much like my old Fuji's used to.   Plus it has this cool funky old feel to it.   Add a little bit of magic in post and it tweeks up nice.   Looking forward to doing some new personal work with it over the summer while up in Maine.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Cuba Cars

I took a trip to Cuba a few years ago and shot a bunch of stuff at the park in Havana where all Cuban Taxi drivers hang out and play dominos. Many of the taxis there are the old cars from the 50's. This is one of the shots that I worked up for a wall print.