Thursday, March 18, 2010

New Balance Final Ads

As promised here are the final ads for New Balance. We shot these both in Miami. Had a great time working with the folks at Mullen on this one. Special thanks to Scott at Small Dog imageworks for rocking out on the post work again for us! Check out Scott's Work at

Also special thanks to the guys at HG Productions for doing another great job producing this one! If you have not worked with them, give them a call. They rock out on productions and really make you shine!


  1. This is awesome! We featured the BTS on but I'd love to know how you were able to make the background look like that....these look amazing

  2. It's FM... Freekin Magic! ;-) No but seriously. We have a great crew who help me make the magic happen, Then for this job we worked with a great retoucher who I collaborate with on many projects. He did the composite work and color pallet exploration. Thanks for the compliments!