Sunday, June 28, 2009

Going Retro...

So after 9 years of shooting digital I started getting an itch to do something different.     I remembered with fondness the days of shooting with my Fuji GX 680 and getting that large format feel and the latitude and richness of shooting neg film...   

I know... shooting film!   Madness right?    Well call me a glutton for punishment but its just something I had to do.    First of all,  good luck finding a lab that still processes c-41 in a dip & dunk machine.   My old lab in Miami that I hadn't visited since 2003 had just trashed 3 large Refrima film processing machines two days earlier.   Almost a million bucks to purchase originally were now worth nothing.   Seems we'll be sending our film to NY to process.

After exploring several options I decided to get my hands on an an old Graflex Super D 4x5 SLR camera.   This is a quick film test we did the day after receiving the camera.   Just a quick shot of my son Jordan playing in a puddle.    I love how the depth of field drops off so quickly,  much like my old Fuji's used to.   Plus it has this cool funky old feel to it.   Add a little bit of magic in post and it tweeks up nice.   Looking forward to doing some new personal work with it over the summer while up in Maine.

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