Thursday, April 23, 2009

Case Studies

I've always enjoyed looking at Case Studies. It's fascinating to see how an image comes together in post.

Below are a few case studies of the retouching sequences of some of the images from my Portfolio. In reality there are usually a zillion layers and masks to create these things, these case study movies are sort of the "Cliff Note" shortened version.

*Note, please excuse Blogger's lousy video quality. Check out the images just below the video (double click on them to see them larger) or on my main portfolio site to see how they look finished.

This one was from a shoot for Remicade with Dorland Advertising. The athlete is David Garrard, Quarterback for the Jacksonville Jaguars. We shot this in a locker room on the ECU Campus in Greenville North Carolina (David's alma mater)

This next one is from a shoot we did for The Collection, which is a high end car dealership specializing in the luxury car market. We were hire to shoot 4 ads with 4 different executions of each ad. What I mean by this is we shot each ad with 4 separate vehicles so they could feature different brands at different times but still have the same shots. Additionally many of the ads were to have different aspect ratios, meaning each one would have to be built and repurposed specifically for that ad. To do this, everything had to be shot as it's own layer, including the talent.

Here is the final image and again below with an Audi in place of the Aston Martin.

Anyone like hockey? See below... The folks at Dorland liked the way operate and loved the photos of David Garrard we shot over the summer so they asked us to shoot an ongoing part of their campaign for Cetocor's Remicade Drug. This one had us up in the great white north.... Edmonton Canada... just a few days before Christmas. Our subject this time was Fernando Pisani, Right Winger for the Edmonton Oilers. He was awesome to work with. Very cool guy. He had actually broken his ankle right before our shoot so every shot we did with his lower half showing, we had to shoot a body double and drop in the other guy's lower half. Made for an interesting shoot and an even more interesting retouch.

This one, (see below) was from a personal trip to New Hampshire on an ice fishing trip. The state Ice Fishing Derby was in full swing. If you've never been to Lake Winnepesaukee for one of these derbies you have got to go. Nothing like going out on a frozen lake with a bunch of good ol boys, drinking beer, drilling holes in the ice and trying to catch fish. They are a trip... I ended up shooting a ton of stuff and have created a few composite images for the portfolios. This one was a composite of about 12 different components and was built originally for my source book ad in "AtEdge" and has since been added to my portfolio as well.

Below is another version of the same shot. This one was worked up on a different background and is more like what the real experience is. People everywhere doing a million different things at once. There is a bit too much going on for the portfolio but I still like it enough to show it here on the blog.

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